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Exotic Rolling Cone Packing Instructions


  1. Start by removing all stems and leaves from your favorite material, stems may rip the cones when packing.
  2. Fine grind your material.
  3. Scoop finely ground material into your organic rose petal cone, use the bamboo packing stick to pack it tight, ensure there are no air pockets or loose material.
  4. Scoop material and pack each scoop down.
  5. Pack your first inch of material tighter near the filter, gradually loser near the top. If packing the Rose Petal Cones, we highly recommended not twisting the tip closed as the petals could rip. We recommend filling cones and rolls all the way to the end!
  6. Ignite tip evenly on all sides with a lighter and inhale gently until a nice cherry develops.
  7. Enjoy the elevated state of consciousness!

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