We all know that the most essential part of smoking cannabis is the quality of the flower itself. A close contender in importance, though, is the method used to consume it. Cannabis smokers have a wide array of products at their disposal, including but not limited to Blunts, Joints, Vapes, and Bongs. Each of these provides different experiences and influences the grade of smoke inhaled. Today, there is an ever increasing catalog of new product types available to us so what are some of them?

We now have a wider array of product types to choose from to consume our favorite herbs such as Organic Rose Petals, Palm Leaves, Hemp, and Goji Berry. Let’s explore how they differ in effectiveness and experience;



We use high quality unbleached RAW papers that lack the sometimes harmful additives found in cigars and cigarettes. The best part is that they include filters that help cool the smoke and make it easier to hold. All in all, this is the oldest method of consuming cannabis and remains the most popular. 


  • Ready made ; Light & Enjoy!
  • Smooth draw
  • Most convenient method
  • Highly effective


Our Tobacco-Free blunts range in size from 2 grams - 4 grams and come in three different formats; Organic Rose Petals, $100 American Bills, and Palm Leaves.


  • Tobacco-free
  • Larger size for long burn time
  • Easily Shared
  • Easy to extinguish for later consumption

Joints, Pre-Rolls, Tobacco-Free Blunts, Cannagars and other consumption methods all come down to personal taste at the end of the day. Each person is different, find a product that matches your inner vibes. We know that the experience is just as important as any other aspect of smoking cannabis, that’s why we put you first here at CaliGreenGold.

Our artisanal and luxurious cannabis experiences feature the finest flowers hand wrapped rose petals, palm, and hemp leaf - while deliciously paired with award-winning concentrates. We elevate your cannabis experience to a whole new level.

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