Numerous new cannabis and CBD products have been flooding the markets and dispensaries across not only the country but the world. Yet, smoking cannabis is still the most popular method of intake. We all know what a joint is; they’ve been around for years - but now smoking one is easier than ever because you don’t even have to roll it yourself anymore.

Pre-rolled joints are relatively new in the market but growing rapidly in interest - and for a good reason, too. Some people may find joy in rolling their own joints, but the large majority are relieved that there’s a convenient alternative. While some pre-rolls are getting a bad reputation for being poor quality, here at CaliGreenGold, we offer a superior range of pre-rolls that are both incredibly high in quality and look pretty unbelievable, too. 

Are pre-rolls worth it?

Here’s the thing, you’ve been rolling your own joints for years now - but the difference is in what’s inside, the method of rolling, and the experience itself. We’ve taken care of the work for you and helping your smoking experience overall. 

Here at CaliGreenGold, we feature the finest flowers, hand wrapped in rose petals, palm & hemp leaf, deliciously paired with award-winning concentrates. Our Pre-Rolls are made from high-quality aromatic private reserve flower, which is something you won’t find anywhere else - and you certainly can’t do yourself. Our infusions heighten your experience and potency.

How are pre-rolls made?

It differs across the market. Some people may use machines, but we prefer to hand roll each and every pre-roll. There’s nothing better than rolling something the way a person would - avoiding anything that may be too difficult to smoke or that feels synthetic in any way. 

Our brand uses various unique infusions, terpenes, flowers, and cones that you can learn more about here.


What are the benefits of pre-rolls?

Well, let’s get obvious out the way. Why should you, someone who may have a history of rolling joints for years, want to spend money on a pre-roll? The most evident benefit is that it is far more convenient. We do all the hard work for you, including sourcing high-quality flower and ensuring the pre-roll is rolled in the best way. This is not only convenient for anyone who rolls, but it is also highly beneficial for people who may have medical conditions inhibiting their rolling abilities. 

Pre-rolled joints are also an affordable option, costing much less than vaporizers, bongs, and pipes. While there are low-cost options, quality equipment can cost hundreds of dollars. If you buy pre-rolls, you don’t even need to worry about the cost of a grinder. 

Lastly, the experience. We get it, you just want to smoke something that works, but we offer an experience that can’t be replicated. With our unique use of rose petals, palm leaf, and even $100 bills - you can expect to smoke something exceptional, which no one has ever seen before.

Want to try our Pre-Rolls? You can find a map of California Dispensaries we distribute to! Check them out 

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